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Maritime winters can last many months and much longer than any of us hope for, which means we are spending weeks and weeks in fear of snowstorms, ice buildup and come spring we have to deal with the aftermath of flooding. Unfortunately, all of these elements can damage a home in ways we never usually consider and it is important to make sure your home insurance includes coverage for any unwanted surprises that the Canadian weather may bring. Of course, no one wants to have to use their home insurance, because this means your home has been damaged, but just in case we have come up with a few questions you should ask when deciding on a plan.


The lovely Canadian winters can drop temperatures anywhere from 0 to -45 and these varying, extreme degrees can have a negative effect on your home. One of the most common is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes not only affect the use of the pipes, but it is very likely for them to rupture and create a very large mess both physically and financially. Another issue that cold temperatures can bring is ice build up on your roof and when this becomes too much you are in danger of collapse. Thankfully, this can be avoided by clearing off your roof and cleaning the gutters, but just in case, make sure you have insurance coverage for both of these mishaps.


The appearance of puddles and running water on the roads is always a great sign of spring but is not something you want to see inside of your home. It is very easy for water to enter a home through small cracks, especially in basements and attics. If your home is prone to floods, or if you just want to inspect after winter, check your attic and foundation for any cracks that may allow liquid to seep through. While your insurance plan may cover flooding or water damage, it is better to avoid it altogether.


Being near the water means wind can easily invade the Maritime cities. High winds can cause falling trees, flying debris or even power outages which can cause crushed vehicles, collapsed structures, human injuries and a freezer full of spoiled food. While there aren’t many prevention actions for high winds, there are some insurance plans that will cover the replacement of cars, structures and sometimes even food. It is important to ask these questions and make sure you are fully covered.

The Maritimes are a wonderful place to live, even if half of our year is taken up by winter weather, but you must consider all events before they happen and make sure you have the right insurance plan in place.

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